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Client Thursdays

“There’s no adequate way to express how deeply grateful I am to The Nurturing Network for all the support that you’ve given to me.  I knew that I could come back intact from this crisis but it depended on receiving some help from others who believed in me.


Things are really going well at work.  I will now be able to independently support me and my baby.  Besides the joy I have in being a mother, reentry into nursing has accelerated my road to recovery from the challenges of this situation.  You have no idea how good it feels to be able to do what I love.  I feel purposeful and fulfilled for the first time in a long time.  Thank you.

                                  With love, Carolyn”


Client Thursdays

“I am so empowered by this whole experience; being able to continue school without any interruption has given me an incredible strength.  Thank you.”



Testimonies of the betrayed and the abandoned women in TNN’s Client files expose the miscalculations and illuminate the disillusionment that inevitably follows a crisis pregnancy: 


Most women readily identify four primary sources of pressure or coercion that lead to an abortion “choice”:


The father of the baby:

     “It is our relationship or the baby.”

The parents:

     “It is either our financial support or the baby.”

The boss:

     “It is either your job or the baby.”

The peers:

     “It is either your social standing or the baby.”


Of course, none of these tradeoffs have anything to do with offering a woman in crisis the “freedom to choose.”  Each ultimatum threatens to impose an emotional toll calculated to force her to make a desperate decision.


Please feel free to consider how participation in TNN’s life-affirming program provides tangible support for these women who choose so courageously.  Your participation is encouraged in any way that would be most meaningful to you.


Gifts of Support

Campus Outreach:

The Nurturing Network’s Member Resource base has expanded to include a record 2,300 volunteers in TNN’s Educational Network. But we can, and should, do more.  Do you know of a member of your campus community who would appreciate knowing more about our unique services for college and working women?

Mondays with Mary

“Returning to my desk after a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend, I am reminded of our TNN Resource Members and Clients whose compassion and personal witness give this celebration its truest meaning.  As we anticipate the Nurturing Network’s 30th anniversary year, I am moved by the story of hope and healing that TNN has become for over 24,000 mothers and children.  Your generous support is a living tribute to the miracles that can be accomplished when we work together.”                          

Mondays with Mary

“In responding to the call to help build a culture of life, the Nurturing Network is compassionate and refreshingly apolitical.


We are not interested in joining the debate over whether and how to remove an alternative, but rather, in how best to provide for the urgent and practical needs of any woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy.”

From Our Mailbox … Aimee

“Dear Mary and all my friends at TNN …


Each time I visit your website, I remember how scared and lonely I was the first time I called you.  My daughter is growing up so fast!  And we are having so much fun.  She is alert and happy.  I can only imagine how I will feel when she says she loves me. 


                           Thank you … Aimee”

A Joyful Day

Please join with us

and all people of faith

in praying for Pope Francis I

in his vital role

to bring about a more just

and peaceful world.


Mary and all your friends

at the Nurturing Network

Mondays with Mary

“My profound respect for the thousands of women whom TNN has served grows with each passing year.  These women do not fit any of the stereotypes that you may have been led to expect.  Many have been from middle class families and were employed, attending college or had concrete plans to do so. Many could accurately be described as being ‘the best and the brightest.’  But regardless, they have all hoped for a bright furture for themselves and their children.  And they have echoed the same sad refrain, ‘I never thought this could happen to me.’


In case you may be tempted to dismiss as marginal these courageous young women, let me remind you that those who call the Nurturing Network come from every walk of life, every academic discipline, every level of achievement, every race and religion, and every kind of family. And yes, they definitely do come from families like yours and mine!”





From Our Mailbox … Margaret

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for the Nurturing Network.  Your prayers and loving support came at during such a hard time in my life.  I know the Network will continue to touch people’s lives, changing them forever, like mine.  My little girl, Sarah, is a pure gift and truly a treasure! She has already brought much joy into my life.  Thank you for all that you have done!

                                                Love, Margaret”