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A New Way to Offer Your Support …

Nurturing Network Inc

From our TNN Mailbox …

“I cannot express what your support has meant to me.  I was bordering on despair and hopelessness; my life had been completely uprooted.  Perhaps there will come a time when I can help you help someone else.  I hope I will have that opportunity.”  Love, Shannon

How you can help

As we begin this new year, please consider providing an introduction to a foundation whose mission is consistent with ours. Every year about half of TNN’s operating budget is funded through grants from generous foundations. Without this financial support, we would not be able to meet the needs of all who call upon us for help. If you have a good contact or are in a position of influence with a foundation, please call or write to us so that we can follow up on your behalf.

May abundant hope

and lasting peace

surround you

and your loved ones


this New Year

May Peace

be your gift

during this
Christmas Season

and throughout
the New Year

Client Thursdays

“The Nurturing Network made a very difficult time in my life much easier. I don’t think I could ever begin to express how much your support and understanding have meant to me. You gave me the courage to keep going when I wanted to give up. This is something I can never begin to thank you enough for.” Love, Lynn

Happy Thanksgiving from TNN

On this Thanksgiving as we count our many blessings, I thank you for caring in the practical ways that you do.  Your example of love in action is a gift that will truly last . . . for a lifetime.  I send along my warmest wishes and prayers that God will bless you and your loved ones with His grace and peace during this bountiful season . . . and always.

Mary Cunningham Agee, President and Founder

The Nurturing Network

How you can help

Approach a local hospital board near your college about donating medical services for a college student who may require her maternity care at that facility. You may be happily surprised to discover how many local hospitals are looking for worthy causes and programs like the Nurturing Network in order to allocate funds in a productive and meaningful way.

Client Thursdays

“There’s no adequate way to express how deeply grateful I am to The Nurturing Network for all the support that you’ve given to me.  I knew that I could come back intact from this crisis but it depended on receiving some help from others who believed in me.


Things are really going well at work.  I will now be able to independently support me and my baby.  Besides the joy I have in being a mother, reentry into nursing has accelerated my road to recovery from the challenges of this situation.  You have no idea how good it feels to be able to do what I love.  I feel purposeful and fulfilled for the first time in a long time.  Thank you.

                                  With love, Carolyn”


Client Thursdays

“I am so empowered by this whole experience; being able to continue school without any interruption has given me an incredible strength.  Thank you.”