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TNN’s President Begins Sabbatical Year


mca-striped-suitThe Nurturing Network’s Board of Director’s is happy to announce an exciting new opportunity for TNN. The Board has unanimously approved a well-earned sabbatical year for TNN’s Founder and President, Mary Cunningham Agee.

 After nearly 30 years of managing TNN’s daily operations and personally counseling thousands of women in crisis, Mary has accepted this recommendation to place a priority on the educational component of TNN’s mission during the next twelve months.  Specifically, her focus will be the writing of a book that will capture the very essence of what has made TNN such a healing force in our culture.  TNN’s Board of Directors looks forward to the publication of this best-selling author’s book noting that she is uniquely qualified to communicate a message of compassion and hope.  


     (For more details, read the full announcement)

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